Post-Truth and New Realities: Algorithms, Alternative Facts, and Digital Ethics

Speaker: Maurizio Ferraris and Martin Scherzinger
Date recorded: Apr 12, 2017
Maurizio Ferraris and Martin Scherzinger talk about the conditions that allowed the rise of our Post-Truth movement.

Maurizio Ferraris and Martin Scherzinger – Recent scandals around alternative facts, post-truth, and hacking have raised a constellation of questions regarding the intersection of digital tools, the construction or verification of reality, and issues of power and authorship. Such questions have been at the center of theoretical and literary discussions in continental philosophy and critical theory for some years, drawing from or pushing against post-structuralist assertions regarding the death of the author and the relativism of ontology. Today, these questions are articulated in the realm of techno-politics with a new urgency.

The talk was moderated by Jessica Feldman from New York University’s Department of Media, Culture, and Communication, and hosted by Robyn Caplan from Data & Society Research Institute.