Data & Society

Databite No. 152 Cuidado Digital—Reproductive Rights, Abortion, and Digital Networks of Care in Latin America

Episode Summary

With the repeal of Roe v. Wade in the US, the “green wave” — a color associated with the movement for safe and legal abortion that started in Argentina and spread to the rest of the continent — has reached American shores. With it have come debates about bodily autonomy and, in an increasingly datafied landscape, ownership of personal reproductive information. In this conversation, Livia Garofalo, researcher with Data & Society’s Health and Data team, spoke to Eugenia Ferrario, a feminist activist and educator with the abortion care network Socorristas en Red in Argentina, and Rebeca Ramos Duarte, a lawyer in Mexico and director of El Grupo de Información en Reproducción Elegida, about the significance of reproductive freedom and care in the current climate. In both English and Spanish, this conversation centers cuidado (which means “care” in Spanish) as both the means and an end to providing safe abortions, connecting activists, and understanding how the “digital” can facilitate and impede reproductive liberation. This Databite was interpreted by Claudia Alvis and Valeria Lara.